A rats war

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How Alberta Won the Rat Race

The A. Allison Robicelli. Filed to: alcohol Filed to: alcohol alcohol rats.

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  • About the author Allison Robicelli. Allison Robicelli Allison Robicelli is the staff writer for The Takeout, a former professional baker, the host of The Robicelli Argument Clinic Podcast, and a nascent birding enthusiast.

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      New York rats: Alcohol can solve problem, say officials - BBC News

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      Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Southgate residents gather to talk strategy in the war on rats Mayor say personal responsibility is key.

      Contrary to myth, alley cats are hopeless at catching rats. Tanya Loos reports.

      Updated: By: Curtis Jackson. Rebecca Sinn is at war-- and she doesn't believe in taking prisoners. I've tried electrocuting them. I've tried traps," Sinn said.

      Such as? That's the only way we can get rid of them. Since then the enemy has grown in number. That means stronger code enforcement for trash disposal and yard upkeep.