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If you struggle with perfectionism , this can keep you stuck in the same place.

John NIV - Jesus answered, “I am the way and the - Bible Gateway

No matter how hard you try, it seems like whatever you're working on is never good enough. But, you need to squash your tendencies toward perfectionism right away and recognize that done is better than perfect. In other words, rather than trying to make a project perfect, be satisfied with the fact that you completed it. If left unchecked, perfectionism can keep you spinning your wheels for a very long time. Instead, focus on completing projects and moving forward rather than striving for perfection. Let yourself make mistakes.

"I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" - What Jesus Really Meant

Embrace the fact that you have given your best effort and move on. In time, you will be much more productive and creative when you're no longer tethered to perfectionism. Feeling stuck in a rut can be frustrating. But with a little effort, you can add a sense of novelty, adventure, and excitement back into your life.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by that thought, you might be experiencing something more serious. Loss of interest in things you enjoyed, difficulty feeling happy emotions , and a sense of hopelessness are symptoms of depression. If what you're feeling is more than just being stuck in a rut, talk to your doctor right away.

Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. More in Self-Improvement. Every day seems the same. You might even have trouble remembering what day of the week it is. Is it Monday, or is it Friday? You feel like you're just trying to get through another day. Your goal is to keep putting one foot ahead of the other until the day is done.

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You don't feel excited or inspired. You feel unmotivated. You might want to take on new projects or engage in creative tasks, but it feels like your motivation has run dry. You just can't seem to get started. You feel unfulfilled. Life feels dull and boring. You want to try new things, but you don't know where to begin.

You want to change, but fear the temporary discomfort that comes with it. You know that changing things up will make you happier in the long run, but you keep sticking with the status quo because it means you won't have to risk any pain or failure. Take Care of Yourself. Change Your Routines.

Strike up a conversation. Talking to new people is a great way to expand your social connections. Plus, you will learn interesting things about the people around you. Have some fun. Spend some time engaged in an activity you truly love. Whether it's hanging out with friends or pursuing a hobby, set aside time during the week and focus your energy on having a good time. Try something new.

Whether it's taking a new route to work, watching a new show, or signing up for a class, exploring the world around you can add zest to your life. Be spontaneous. If you're bored with your life, live in the moment. Do things that are not pre-planned. Say yes to new experiences; and don't be afraid to do the unexpected. Try Heading Outdoors. Find Your Purpose. Make plans. There is a great deal of power in anticipation. Sometimes you might look forward to existing events, such as the release of a movie or your favorite holiday. But you also can create these moments intentionally. Plan a vacation, even if it's just taking a day trip to a local spot.

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Call or text friends and make plans for Friday night. Give yourself things to look forward to and get excited about. Don't overlook the little things. Even small daily and weekly rewards such as being able to go to your favorite place for lunch or tuning into your favorite TV show once a week are great ways to build a sense of anticipation for the future. Volunteer to serve others. Having a sense of purpose also comes from helping others. Look for ways to contribute in your community.

Or, focus on helping your friends or loved ones with a project.

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Participate in your church. Volunteer with a local organization. Or, even engage in political activism. Such activities give you a sense of greater purpose and meaning. Boost Your Motivation. Take small steps. Pick something that you think you might like to pursue, such as a new hobby or workout program. Start small with something you know you can accomplish, yet is just outside of your current skill level. Don't wait for motivation or inspiration to strike.

Just get going. Force yourself to get through the first step. Once you have mastered it, pick another small step and master it. Eventually, going through the motions will be a thing of the past and you will feel involved, excited, and interested in learning more. Reward yourself. Positive reinforcement is helpful when you're struggling to get motivated. Promise yourself a reward for starting the task. Then, continue to reward yourself after completing each step. Eventually, pull back on the rewards, but promise yourself a larger reward once you have reached your goals.

Rewards can get you started and help generate greater interest in what you are working on. Squash Perfectionism. A Word From Verywell.

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