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Official 'Jack the Giant Slayer' clip: 'There's someone behind me isn't there?'

The actors try and push their way through the trite dialogue and terrible narrative developments but this simply comes off as energetic ham. This slight to anyone with a mental deficiency is played by John Kassir.. So with Fallon in pieces and the other giants storming the castle gates, the crown appears and subdues the attackers.

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Having a female character who craves adventure and independence to simply need rescuing and then relinquish a symbol of great power to a man is a bit counterproductive. On top of that, she somehow manages to marry the commoner and he becomes the king, ruler of all, including her. The camera then whips up through the clouds, revealing the mystical land of the giants high above blighty… I assume Heathrow has no problem with that.

Had this production been a low-budget indie film with a nobody cast, I might have been impressed, amazed even, by what had been accomplished.

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But with so many seasoned professionals and a generous, expansive budget, Jack The Giant Slayer is horrifically dismal. Best avoid. For want of the originality and subtle beauty of Hellboy 2 the best this film can muster is a nasty CGI animated segment that could easily have been a rushed pre-vis sequence.

JavaScript is currently disabled. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. You should check them out. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. You'll give me what? Next you headed up to the top level where you first defeated a few fire giants with giant flaming skeletons. Not a very tough battle.

You then decided to enter the temple of Zursvaater a fire giant deity. Inside you found no fire giant. You were immediately attacked by an enormous evil called a hell gigas a big scary monster that attacked everything it came upon. The fire giants had it trapped in the temple to keep it from attacking them.

Which is the reason it came here in the first place.

It was a mere speed bump compared to your might. As you defeated the hell gigas the doors on the opposite end from where you entered opened. In rushed a number of fire giants first 4 guards followed by an obviously high ranking female folled by a few giant clerics. The Leader introduced herself as Quivixia wife of Tytarian, queen of the fire giants and priestess of Zursvaater. I will offer you a challenge, I will take you to Tytarian and you will have a duel of equal numbers.

Your 4 versus Tytarian and his chosen warriors. I will take you there at sunrise tomorrow morning and may the best warriors win. If you win you can claim Tytarians treasures, from his body and his quarters. She will tell you an important secret or two. One secret will grant you the use of a truly mighty weapon. So you will be rested, level up to 15th, 14 for Wil. Be prepared for what is sure to be a slobber knocker.

Will the campaign to save the region die tonight. Tune in tonight to find the answers to this and more on the Blazemore bunch. Fire fire everywhere. The second deed of the day took a surprising turn when you guys mostly Blazemore with some backup from Ferris. Was able to convince a group of salamander from the plane of fire to return to there home.

The fire giant king Tytarian was trying to convince them to join his army mainly to assist in the forge. The final and most difficult battle of the night was against a fire giant captain and a pair of lieutenants. Damage was flying both ways but as you are wont to do you were victorious in the end. The main thing you gained here was some papers written by king Tytarian. They name the giant commanders that report directly to the king.

It also mentions the rookery where they have several young ish red dragons they use to send messages. Mostly the lava dragon Tesherat has some kind of alliance with the king. The last adventure put you up the the next level. Now you have two choices. Dragons never have any good loot though;. See you tonight JS. Did someone fart? One last thing Thoon tells you he has an item that will allow him to use his change shape ability to not only change his form but also his abilities to someone up to his CR.

The caveat is that he has to know quite a bit about the person he uses his shape change to become. At the moment the highest level person he knows about is someone he used his detect thoughts to learn about. Once per day for a limited amount of time he can become another npc you have met, at the moment Ferris is your only option.

He can only change to Ferris and back once per day. No more farmers! See you tomorrow. I hate to tell you. The long awaited beginning to the fifth book of the Giantslayers was here. You had all made your purchases possibly your last chance to shop. You then traveled to Ashpeak, following the map you found after your at least temporary defeat of Skirkatla. The map is where you learned that the name of the fire giants elite training ground was Ashpeak written in giant along with the names Tytarian and Quivixia.

Your mission is to shut down Ashpeak and hopefully find out where you can find Volstus the storm tyrant.

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  • After scouting the area, at least to know the locations of the various fire giant camps. You boldly decided to dimension door right up the the guardians of the entrance to Ashpeak. In a shocking turn of events Blazemore and Kane were slain by an elite fire giant lieutenant. Pigpen and Thornbeard were forced to retreat and deal with their fallen friends.

    Fortunately Thornbeard had a spell that could bring them back to life. The one drawback was you never knew what race you would come back as. Kane returned as possibly the smallest, definitely the most muscular and hairy halfling any of you have ever seen. While Blazemore, in what almost appears to be fate came back as quite the dapper dwarf.

    This time you were able to defeat the guards, and even fought off a second set of guards to finally gain entrance to Ashpeak. Knowing that the gates would have new guards and getting back out would not be simple. You carefully traveled down the caves which were formed by lava. You came upon a fork in the tunnels. Hearing some noises coming from straight ahead, you advanced.

    You found a cave with at least twenty orc slaves with 4 fire giant guards. One of the orcs caught your eyes. Seeming to be much more formidable than the others. During the fight this orcs actually hurled some rocks at the giants and did some decent damage for a slave with a rock.

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    After the battle you talked with this orc who told you he was no orc, his name is Thoon. After you talked for a bit. He told you he knew a way you could get to the upper level, and collapse a tunnel which would make it difficult to follow you, at least quickly. He told you this after you agreed to at least help him get out of these cave. He even told you that he is a doppelganger.

    The Giant Slayer

    Before you left this cave the slave pens Thoon went into the fire giants sleeping quarters. Opened a secret nook and retrieved his gear nothing amazing just solid gear he gave a wand of cure serious wounds to the party. The wand has 10 charges plus each of you get to roll a d10 and add this number to the total number of charges. There were also 5 potions of invisibility. He can change forms but stays in medium sized forms so his equipment will fit. He seems very grateful and pretty helpful and friendly. He also has a manacle burned into his ankle, any attempt to remove it will cause some pretty significant damage.

    Following Thoon, he led you to a fungus farm which had several defeated looking orcs being guarded by 4 more fire giants. You were able to dispatch the giants with relative ease. And consider me looking down on him watching as he wrangled his giant beetle. When I see my life through the lens of just myself, I become very small in comparison to the giants in my land. God rarely wins them with conventional means that the wise would approve.

    He chose 5 smooth stones and a young boy. He chose marching around the walls of Jericho and taking it down with a shout of praise. He chose trumpets and jars of clay that hid the torches taking the enemy by surprise. And He chose a tiny ant carrying his defeated giant beetle to remind me that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. When I consider the struggle the ant went through to meet the needs of his family and friends, how he never gave up, how he moved with confidence against any and all obstacles, I am encouraged.

    Are there giants in your land? Does anxiety threaten to consume you?


    Are you eaten up with unforgiveness? Is depression rendering you dysfunctional while unemployment, cancer, dementia, and prodigal children cause you to crawl beneath a blanket and find the fetal position of comfort? She has been published in several anthologies as well as the online inspirational sites Christian Devotions, and Inspire a Fire where she is a monthly contributor.