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Long before over-sharing online was a normal thing to do, humans have always been attracted to tourist destinations to capture the perfect photograph.

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Because of this urge to document our lives in real time, originality is becoming a thing of the past and a new-age of copycatting is creeping up on us. The Instagram influencer market is a growing phenomenon with more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon of advertising through trusty influencers with thousands, if not, millions of loyal followers. Read next: Traditional VCs are finally investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups.

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SB: The older I get the more I realize that everyone struggles. I think the only way to end the stigma on mental health is to keep having those difficult conversations and continuing to normalize the feelings and experiences that so many of us have had. SB: It was definitely awkward , especially to such a big audience.

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I realized that the importance of being open and honest was more important than me feeling awkward. There is so much power in speaking your truth. SB: It means being available. It means being open-minded. Better than that, it means sitting next your friend on the couch so the calls not even necessary!

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SB: Heavy conversations can be stressful and awkward to start but opening the door for them can be so simple. SB: My advocacy has stemmed from a place of necessity. Through my advocacy I have realized how important it is to me to continue to give a voice to younger generations and that I have the ability to be the voice I needed as a kid. SB: If someone is coming out to you then they are letting you in on a part of who they are.

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