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Death Spell Large Print Edition. Patricia Crommett. Blood and Eggs Evil Legend Revealed. Two for Two. Also, superb paintjob! Can you teach me your secrets, especially for the marbled staff and the ice base? Thank you! The marbled staff is basically just base black, then use a little sponge to dab on some greys to get that mottling effect, then use a brush with a fine point to paint the veins on with grey and gold.

The cracks in the ice were painted with a paler blue, keeping one side of the line sharp while the other side of the line blends back into the darker colours. Once that's done, I added a thin layer of water effects to give it the glossy look, then once that's dry, very lightly drybrush some white over it to make it look a little frosted.

I hope that helps!

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Let me know if you have any more questions I'll probably be doing some more bases like that over the next few weeks, and I'll try to remember to take some step by step pics! Oh wow, your reply makes step by step pictures almost obsolete! I guess others should learn from you, though Your basing idea looks so good, i think the red armor really helps it pop.

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  4. Hopefully i will be able to reproduce this effect! Do you have any special reference for both the staff and the ice, or is that pure imagination? Ah thank you! I always use references when I can!

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    Thank you for the inspiration! Keep on doing awesome models! Thank you, and will do! Core Membership.